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Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi -Movie Review

Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi -Movie Review

Star cast:Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Sheirgill, Jassi Gill, Piyush Mishra, Diany Penty, Denzil Smith, Jason Tham, Aparshakti Khurana
 Movie rating:  1 stars
Movie director:Mudassar Aziz

Punjabi 'Kudi',escape from her house and bunch of people chasing her is the background of the film, some part of the film has comic timing and dialogue.

In a new Happy (Sinha) part two Bang, but we do not forget the old happy (Penti). This time, girls and mixed characters are roaming around China, a big brother of  Pakistan, where the first film was established. She came up with a herd of freshness. The sequel tries to mix in a complex but like the big hearted Punjabis, crooked sugar, a song or two, and a series of sequences that are meant to be fun but are flat and dull. The film does not able to cast any impression on the audience. The comic timing is also missing except few scenes.

New Entrants Denil Smith and Jason Thom, 'Chinese' appear as badges, and get plenty of screen time. The familiar character, Jimmy Sheergill and Piyush Mishra, rearrange their Bagga-Afridi 'Jodi', but even these stalwarts can not do much to lift the film.

New happy land in Shanghai to find some goons only after that. The original Happy is floating around with the love of his life (Fazal). The new Happy is on a mission, his backstory involves a broken father and a fiancé on the Lam. His presence tilted him with the gun towards the black-eyed thin-eyed characters, and a rare brain conspiracy that never takes away except some strange moments.


The Writer should be mature, but this script seems to be childish and immature.Writing is definitely the adolescent ('you gill, ta main shirgil hun'), which would be fine if used with flair. But most of them are tired. A set piece that revolves around sliding boy on spicy noodles, you can come a mile away. The Characters known as Macaw and Fak The initial snigger NH closes after repetition. What can expect from them ,they try to mix cheap comics joke to create fun but on screen they prove to be fatal.

With such plot you can do the most intelligent thing to escape out of film, when you are trying to put things in all kinds of impossible things, then it is to keep it fast and sharp. It takes two hours and some, but seems too long.There are only a few places near Happy  where you smile, especially when you see Gill as a Chinese-speaking 'Desi', who are trying to help their country-people. Gill is about the only tolerant thing in this venture. Music also seems to be boring and dance synchronization is worst.


The toughest part of Happy Happy Part Happiness is that it is set in China, which would be an excuse to make lazy racist jokes in most Bollywood movies, but not here. Aziz runs a great line - a clever line - allowing your characters to be racist, because they will be in real life, while using their bias, the average insular is to throw a spotlight on the "All Chinese-looking" approach of Indian During the dismissal umbrella label "Cheney" and "Shrimp" are labeled for our people from the entire geographical area, from our north-eastern states to Japan. . Results in the Happy Fir part of Jogi include the primary characters who suffer for their immorality and ignorance. It is mainly done through Gangster Chang, played by Jason Thom.


This is not a Hindi film as majority of dialogue is mixed Punjabi and no serious thought given making film.

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