Paltan Movie Review

Paltan Movie Review 

Rating              : 2/5 Stars (Two Star)
Star Cast          : Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Harsh Vardhan Rane, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Love Sinha,                              Siddharth Kapoor, Jackie Shroff
Director            : JP Dutta


Paltan, movie is about a war directed by none other than great JP Dutta on the basis of Nathu La and Chao La Conflicts which happened in 1967. The film started with the 1962 war flashback and show how Chinese armies, killing Indian army people and many of our people. When film return to present time we saw Lieutenant Colonel Rai Singh Yadav (Arjun Rampal) and  Major General Sagat Singh (Jackie Shroff) discussing things with the new platoon  with dialogues like "the more you sweat peace, less bleed in the war."

After joining his new Platoon, Colonel Rai meets the group of soldiers - Major Bishan Singh (Sonu Sood), Captain Prithvi Singh Dagar (Gurmeet Chaudhary), Major Harbhajan Singh (Harsh Vardhan Rane), Love Sinha (Atar Singh)  and Siddharth Kapoor (Interpreter). The story advances at the slow pace and tries to depict the absurd struggles between the Chinese and the Indian army. At the last, you will find a war sequence.

Paltan Movie Review!-Please don’t compare this with JP data's classic Border

Script Analysis

In the last 15 minutes you get some interest but at that, you think that you had wasted 02 hours already for the film without any sense. If this movie is made by any other director then we don’t have much expectation from that. But in the past, Dutt saheb gave the Bollywood all time war classic “Border” so after seeing this film from the same person make my heart feels to break. The intention of making the film is good but on the technical aspects, the film goes terrible flat. The main reason is the wrong choices of actors and terrible camerawork makes the film un-enjoyable. It’s true that soldiers should be energetic but in the film, they shout with no need. Not only Indian actors, acting is bad, the Chinese part is also worse, the story screenplay is written in such a way that is not able to arouse any patriotism in the heart.

Music, Direction

Anu Malik has given a good song in the main live hit, which is quite inspiring. This creates the desired effect in mountaineering. The background score of Sanjay Chowdhury comes to places on your face. This is often powerful and unpleasant sounds. JP Dutta - Sir, "Leave the war no more!" He has reached the least useful point of war-drama where he cannot improve his past work. What started with the border, the LoC went downhill with Kargil and officially is ending with Paltan. I wish he should finish it on a glorious note but yes!

Star Performance

The character of Gurmeet Chaudhari has different shades which make interesting than others. Siddhant Kapoor and Love Shina is almost negligible and Jackie Shroff is also not utilized to their full potential as he is given dialogues mostly in English and audience cannot connect to the correct at the end also.

Arjun Rampal leads the team and there are some pathetic acting scenes on time but he manages to deliver some good one also so in the nutshell we can say he is not completely wasted in the film. Same can be said for Sonu Sood who got some good as well as very bad scenes. We cannot complain the nature of Harshavardhana Rane to more enthusiastic at places than needed, because the character was written in that way.

The Final verdict

Leave it and save yourself from patriotic torture. Everyone said and did, Palton has a very brave story but it is a lot shy. It fails technically and therefore the description is inconvenient. 

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