Pataakha movie Review

Pataakha movie Review

Pataakha movie cast: Vijay Raaz, Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan, Namit Das, Saanand Varma, Abhishek Duhan
Pataakha movie director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Pataakha movie ratings: 3 stars

Two of the most beloved sister’s Champa Kumari and Genda Kumari, is in the center of Vishal Bharadwaj's new film, Pataakha, express 'can not live with them, can live without'.The Champa (Radhika Madan) is an elder sister – called by surname Badki. And then Chuttki (Sanya Malhotra) aka Genda aka Marigold, because her English-speaking husband calls him lovingly. The elder sister is simple in nature and having the limited desire and happy with bidis, cow and dream to open dairy later on in life. Younger sister Champa is a dreamer, and dream to be a teacher. She lives in a village in Rajasthan with her father, role done by Vijay Raj. Champa and Gonda do not get along, and this is the biggest inclination of their existence. Throw in a Jester - Sunil Grover Dipper, an excellent  Bharadwaj-character that plays equal parts of storytellers and equal parts of cinematic lubricant - and easily plays as raw and rural setting, and you suck at the movie.


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Pataakha's film base comes from a small story written by Charan Singh Pathak, which is only six pages long. Bharadwaz specialties are to show how sisters interact with each other along with toxic unpleasant rough language. The story of Pattakha is only from the origin of sister-sister rivalry when she is trying to find out the ambitions of sisters. The role of father, husband, family and even dipper, are the only chorus. Humor in the film is casual and still topical; Like Champa asks Deepa, just before entering a film, whether Salman Khan will also remove his pants, or when Dipper had asked Genda's husband to stop being "Trump" because he was from an English liking background. When you want Dipper to take a "selfie" or when Champa's husband becomes very angry then you would like to embrace herself.

In the past also many directors of Bollywood have managed to portray the essence, speech and inherent charm of village side India, but Vishal Bharadwaj takes it one step ahead with the Pattakha. This is a strange family movie that entertains and is never melodramatic. We cannot use the word"quirky" as it overlapping word, such as "out of the box" - but if there is a movie in recent memory that is suitable for both titles, then this film deserves it too. Vishal Bharadwaj experimented with symbolism and fewer audience can relate to the inner meaning that Bharadwaj tries to deliver it in parts. Both sisters can be compared to being like India and Pakistan and there are many references to partition in the framework. This is fresh work from the director to present sister relation in another dimension.

But when it comes to Vishal Bharadwaj, then can symbolism be overcome? Low audiences will find a deeper meaning through the viewer, and Bharadwaj will tease it in parts. The total movie is about them only and no one else shares the space. Pataakah also celebrates her "commercial" moment; Sisters participate in their proper part of song and dance, and there is a constant shock of mischief in the entire Pataakah. Sania Malhotra and Radhika Madan fit the characters like gloves. Sanya has particularly stood in the form of a younger sister, which has weakness in her performance. Look for a scene where he wonders himself in the mirror while wearing new clothes. The yin-yang combination of Radhika is yang; It seems that the actor has given everything to this performance. And every time Sunil Grover smiles, you want to smile with him. It is an oxymoron. It is explosive but subtle; It is emotional but does not take himself seriously as a film. It could have benefited from a tough editing, but for the most part, I could not take my eyes away from the screen. The Pataakha is forgetful to invest.

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